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Community Involvement

LifeSource CDC focus is to connect and engage families, individuals and other organizations throughout the community, in areas that will make a difference and create positive activity that elevates the overall growth of a community. We care about people, and we want to be an integral of their success.



We endevor to establish systems of learning a pplying powerful Financial practices that can revolutionize families and individuals, and set them on track toward successful, financial future. Most people do not understand money; how it is valued, the power of saving and investing. The potential destruction of money mis-management. Our goal is to train people in proven and effective ways of accumulating and managing money.

Resume Writing

We prepare individuals whom seek success in any job field, understand the concept and dynamic of resume writing. Skilled training is provided for job candidates to make professional entrances into their field of choice through trained resume writing. 



Health & Wellness

Recognizing the potential of community-based wellness and prevention programs to improve health and reduce medical burdens is the focus of our progams. Because good health is more than just good healthcare-- it's a process that begins at the roots of our communities with basics like healthy food, clean air, safe housing and equitable treatment. We will continue to create programs that will enhance community health and wellness. 

Finance & 


We understand the finance and budgeting is to the base of every successful family. Therefore, LifeSource seeks to train our community in stabilizing their finances to prepare for future financial increase. 

LifeSkills Development

The millennial generation as well as established adults that are seeking a more defined pathway toward independance will benefit greatly from the type programs we offer. Key life skills such as: environmental cleanliness, personal hygiene, cooking health and wellness are factors that paly a direct role in the psychological well-being of individuals. Our unique life skills classes will be a great value to those that participate.

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