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About Us

LifeSource Community Development is a training center that assist participants in building a bridge from poverty to self-sufficiency through skilled based training and academic tutoring. 


Create positive development and growth for families and individuals within the Communities of Northeast Mississppi. 

Mission Statement

Create positive development and growth for families and individuals within the Communities of Northeast Mississppi. 

Who is eligible to be a participant?

If you are an at-risk youth or young adult betwenn the ages of 14-24 years, we would like to help you.

What does at-risk mean?

"At-risk" means that you may have special needs, a deficient in basic literacy skills, a school dropout or potential school dropout, homeless, a runaway, or a foster child, a parent, and ex-offender, or an individual who requires additional assitance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment. 

What Services do you offer?

Life Source Community Development Corporation offers a Career based tutorial program to help participants with basic literacy skills while training participants in skilled based work activities that are designed to propel course participants into the Market Place. The program will be conducted in a classroom setting and is aimed at providing a holistic approach to job placement. 

How do I get started?

Call LifeSource CDC representative Hilda Haley at (662) 372-5902. You may also contact Jimmie Haley at (662) 213-9613 or email us at

LifeSource Community Focus

The Legacy Project Summer Camp mission is to saturate youth with empowerment programs to increase the quality of life. This project eliminates excuses and brings a comprehensive solution to an immediate need that fosters long term results. The Legacy Project builds the capacity of the participants by introducing new concepts that shape their social, emotional and economical being. When there is no concept of a future, people will not plan for one. Because there is not a plan set in place, generations can be left without a solid foundation to build upon. LifeSource has teamed with the Legacy Project, formed by Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis' Evolution School. This program focuses on the following core principles:

1) Social and Community Empowerment

2) Mentoring and Afterschool Programming

3) Parenting Programming

4) Career and Leadership Programming

5) Entrepreneurship Development

6) Professional Development

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